Hammock Camping – Tips And Tricks To Keep You Warm, Comfortable And Having Fun!

hammock camping journey
hammock camping journey

From the most adventurous campers to those who could count their camping experiences, on one hand, camping is an activity that few people have never tried. Many of us, whether old-pros at the camping scene or hesitant newbies, experience one and the same feeling. What is it? We don’t want to get into our tent!

Hang on a moment, I hear you say, don’t we go camping for that very reason; to sleep in a tent? Not exactly! Many of us relish the camping experience as it brings us closer to nature, makes us feel alive and gives us a sense of being at one with the world.

That’s why, if you’re anything like me, you may have found yourself on many a camping night, lying outside your tent, gazing up at the majestic night sky, and deciding that, yet again, you’re going to sleep outside tonight! Sound familiar?

That’s likely why hammock camping has become so popular of late. That coupled with the fact that if your camping experience involves hiking or trekking, which I highly recommend by the way, then traveling light is crucial to having fun.

So you’ve decided that hammock camping is for you, but now you want to know what tips and tricks I can teach you to make sure you you’re trip is one to remember for all the right reasons. No problem! Here they come, my top tips for hammock camping:

Tip No 1 – Don’t Compromise On Quality

Few of us can afford to buy the top quality of everything in life. That being said, there are places where we can cut corners and moments when we need to fork out the cash. Choosing your sleeper hammock fits very definitely into the second category.

Here’s a quick checklist for the right hammock:

– A rain tarp
– A bug net
– Quality and durable material (you want this to last more than one camping trip!)
– An easy-pack setup (pretty much a guarantee that you won’t leave anything at home).

Tip No 2 – Opt For Atlas Straps

Remember that while you may have control over the hammock you buy and the supplies you bring on your trip, you cannot control mother nature, no matter how much you try! That’s why choosing Atlas straps will allow you to adjust to your environment wherever you are. These straps give you a great range of adjustment points with minimum stretch, a feature you will be forever grateful for when it comes to big trees.

Tip No 3 – Be A Mummy!

When it comes to choosing your sleeping bag, the main idea is to be as comfortable as possible. That’s why a mummy-shaped sleeping bag is the best option for hammocks. The rounded edges should snuggly fit into your hammock, meaning you can sleep as snug as a bug in a mummy-rug!

Tip No 4 – Under-quilts And Top-quilts Are Your Friends

Floating in the middle of nature is an enchanting feeling, but it does expose you to quite a lot of cool night air! Investing in a good quality top-quilt and under-quilt can allow you to enjoy the liberating experience from the comfort of your cozy hammock world.

Tip No 5 – It’s All A Fine Balance

Don’t spend a vacation feeling yourself sliding to one side of the hammock without knowing how to fix the problem. If you have a slip-slide every night, you’re not sleeping in a level hammock!

If you fit in this boat, take a look at your straps. Chances are one is longer than the other, hence knocking your hammock, and you, off balance. Check the strap height too and remember your aiming for a perfect balance.

If everything looks great, but you’re still on the slip-slide the next night, just move the straps up a bit on the side you’re slipping towards.

Well, I could write all day about tips and tricks for hammock camping, but for now, I only have time to fill you in on one more, in fact, it’s the most crucial of all. Ready for it?

Have fun!

As you first start your hammock camping journey you’re going to have some cold nights; you’ll have some funny moments, not to forget a good handful of cringe-worthy moments too. Live the moment, drink in your surroundings and take a moment to remind yourself why you never want to go camping with a tent again!